To describe my art I would have to admit that without it I would be incomplete. I look forward to holding a pencil, a chalk, a paintbrush in my hand at least once a day. Sometimes without a plan, I just look around at my work space and do something. It doesn’t matter. Other times , I am ready for a big project and flip through the many photos I take while plein air painting and use them as a starting point.

I took painting classes and went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY on Saturdays while in high school. It was natural that I would want to go there upon graduation. I received my BFA in Illustration from Pratt.

I found my true love to be in textile design and styling. I spent 30 years as creative director while designing & styling for the home textiles industry. I traveled worldwide extensively to print weave and manufacture my collections. I worked with an Israeli manufacturer and fashioned the luxury sheeting brand of Royal Sateen for over 20 years.After having designed the sheet program for the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, it led me to consulting for the hospitality industry.

In 2010 I  decided that I had to return to my love of painting and now had the time to split the year between New York and Maine.  I wanted to immerse myself in the creative process. My love for landscapes came with my coming to Maine. There is no place on earth that has the vibrant colors and brightness that I find here. I am daily overwhelmed by the sky and vistas and bring that into my work. I  would rather suggest what I see and have the viewer react to my emotional interpretation. If it speaks to them the way it speaks to me than I have achieved my goal.

I look forward to my painting . Enjoying the learning process which never ends, increases my pleasure as I expand and experiment.

Marcia Brandwein 2018