To describe my art I would have admit that without it I would be incomplete. I look forward to holding a pencil, a chalk, a paintbrush in my hand at least once a day. Sometimes there is no plan. Then I just look around at my work space and do something. It doesn’t matter. Other times I am ready for a big project and flip through the many photos I take while plein air painting and use them as a starting point.

I took painting classes and went to the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY on Saturdays while in high school. it was natural that I would want to go there upon graduation. I received my BFA in illustration from Pratt.

I found my true love to be in textile design and styling. I spent the following years as creative director while designing & styling for the home textiles industry. I traveled worldwide extensively to print weave and manufacture my collections. I worked with the Israeli manufacturer and fashioned the luxury sheeting brand of Royal Sateen for over 20 years.

After having designed the sheet program for the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, I decided to begin my next career, consulting for the hospitality industry.

I met my husband Daniel after having been widowed for a number of years.He had been coming to Maine since he was a child . I was immediately taken by the beauty of Maine but not able to spend enough time until I became a consultant. We now spend most of our time in Pemaquid Harbor the rest of the year is spent in White Plains NY. Together we have 5 children and 5 grandchildren

I look forward to my painting . Enjoying the learning process which never ends increases my pleasure as I expand and experiment

Marcia Brandwein 2017